Thursday, April 23

1 year plan....

Due to my extremely emo state yesterday, i couldn't really sleep much, and it had me thinking about the future, my future to be accurate. Like, i wonder where i would be next year?

In this 1 years time..... there are certain goals i would like to achieve. Some are quite reasonable, some are in the I-can't-believe-you-haven't-done-that-yet category, and some a just too crazy to even consider.

So here goes.

  • GRADUATE. seriously.

  • Get a well paying job

  • Get a license

  • Own a car, so i don't have to depend on Girlfriends/Boyfriends/SedaraMara/Pakcik RapidKL for transport anymore. But would first have to complete the first 3 on list.

    ^_^ I dunno why, but despite people hating on proton... I, actually think the new Saga is very CUTE... and very reasonably priced.

  • Loose a lot of weight. Because i don't have money yet to buy new pants..... and i almost went to class in a skirt today. read below

  • Be in a fashion magazine... jadi product tester pon boleh.

  • Travel by Airplane. The last time i was on a plane was when i was 11.

  • Learn to play Guitar-wait for it-HERO, expert level... ^_^

  • Visit Alia in OZ. ^_^

  • Get Married Engaged a CAT.

    Check out TOYGERS. It's breed of cats with tiger DNA.
    Can you say adorable Mini Killers!? Rawr!

  • Create own website.. (topic to be decided)

  • Get my work printed on don't panic.. ^_^ hey, a girl can dream..

What will you be doing?


Alia said...

come come come to australiaaaa!!
i miss you :(

Red Scarlet Amber said...

if i'm lovely like u, i wont need anything in this world. hahaha

Ayeshadam said...

Alia: I'll try!! November Okeh? :D

Syima: Thx sweetie! ^_^

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