Monday, March 2


Is it Monday already??

I've been a living corpse this past few days and my brain has lost all need to function.

I was so bored that me and Jaja even made an impromptu decision to drop by barsonic to check out Lapsap & Co feat SHINICHI OSAWA & MASATOSHI.

After about 3 days off passiveness, all of the sudden movement and dancing around really fried my circuits. Will probably start gaining control over my reflexes tomorrow, cuz i need to get some serious work done to show on thursday.


On a brighter note, im gonna be seeing Muuzi today. He's been busy all of last week preparing and performing for the HOT fm shows in Johor and Penang. So i'm really looking forward to seeing him today. Yayy!

Speaking of which, i'm suppose to be on a bus to meet him by now, toodles!

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