Thursday, February 26

I'm writing this here so people stop asking me about my status.

i have a important VR presentation at 9am this morning and i've been trying to finish doing my 3D work all day...

and I had done a lot and was getting the hand of using virtools and was making great progress pastu tetiba kul 1 tadi the 'fire' alarm went off again (it's goes off every 2-3 times a day, so as usual we ignored it.)

Then suddenly we hear people screaming and sound of chaos.

It was an actual fire.

So me and roomies run out with what we could grab... and remembering, i went to my pc to save my work, then the lights went out, they had cut the power as part of the security procedure.

But i tak sempat save keje.

Thinking it must be really serious, we joined the others and ran down the FOUR FLIGHTS OF STAIRS to find the whole of HB4 had been evacuated.


The fire department arrived and everyone was damn kecoh.

But there was no smoke... maybe i je kot tak nampak.

Turns out, it was a DRILL.


complete waste of time...

dah la tuh dia shut the power of the building, and my pc tertutup, and my keje corruptted cuz of the sudden shut down of my pc.

Seriously, I was gonna start burning something at that point, then the people who organize cam dok gelak2 and not taking it seriously.

It took them 1 and a half hours to get organized and let us go back to our rooms. I would have felt better if there was a real fire to burn down my PC, therefore i have a VALID excuse kenapa keje tak siap tomorrow.

I'm damn emo right now. I want to cry.


Anonymous said...

pergh. i can feel you.
sure rasa macam nak cari siapa yang plan nak buat fire drill tu on that day. :D

Ayeshadam said...

ntah pak arab mana ntah.

nasib baik i tak bakar dia.

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