Friday, March 20

I wanna go JAPAN!!

If you been my friend/reading this blog long enuff you might remember this.

No it's not DEJAVU..

I really, truly, desperately want to go to Japan.

Why? Cuz i want to go to a festival that would put SUNBURST to shame.


I'm talking about THE SUMMER SONIC 09 music festival!!

And it's in August! That's after i graduate! Hurrah! hopefully i would have managed to magically conjure up the funds by then. :D

For it's 10th aniversary, SUMMER SONIC is having 3Day festival in 2 locations. Tokyo and Osaka! It cost about 14000 yen or RM 500 for one day pass. For the 3 day pass it's a whopping 39000 yen or RM 1500!!! Walawei! Not worth it??

Check out the line up.

Click for bigger.

Walaweii... lets calculate shall we? Just Mogwai, Linkin Park, MCR alone, cost us mere Malaysians RM150 - RM250each, Placebo, NIN?? will never come to malaysia.. the sooner we face it the better. Lady Gaga, will probably never be let pass KLIA, the decency act will have a field day with her. Joan Jett is ALIVE??? isn't she suppose to be ancient? And i would love to catch Sonic Youth, Klaxons, Kasabian, Paramore and Boys like Girls LIVE!!

Ok Ok, so the one from 2006 was way better cuz they had Muse, Massive Attack, Arctic Monkeys, and friggin' Daft Punk. (Crap, what was my point again?)

, the point is! i would love to go anyway at least once in my life. :)

Haih, Kalau tak pon.. maybe i'll just wait for SUMMER SONIC 2010.

Owh if your interested in more information, check out the TOKYO GIG GUIDE. Cuz the Summer Sonic website is in Japanese, the English one isn't up yet.


Redzuan said...

bukan SS ade diff stages ke for diff gigs.. last year aku nak pegi, tp mcm x sempat and mcm rugi plak .. pasal band2 yg aku nak tgk pecah2 stage lain2.. :(

taun depan suda weyh.. taun ni aku kurang bajet.. wahahha ada plan lain

Alia said...

I've never actually wanted to go Japan (just because) but wow, the line up!!! Ngaaaa nak pergi jugak!! But why so expensive?! Seriously! Just going for the fest is mahal, belum kira airfare, accom and expenses!! Takkan pg japan xshopping kot??

Muhuhu... Sadly, looks like imma hv to pass :( will never get enuff money by then.. Muhuhu..

Anonymous said...

...that would put SUNBURST to shame...

i like that line.

RM1500 is pretty expensive but normally for such event, they will announce the date and (sometimes) the lineups veeeerrrryyy early. so should have time to kumpul duit.

gahhhhh. said...

if u really go to japan... kirim belikan saya canon 50D... huhuhuhuuu...
anyway i got here from & nice portfolio got too..

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