Friday, March 20

Bet you've never seen an Elephant fly.

Well, now you have. hehehehehe.

Let me explain, i was desperately thinking of what to get/do for Muuzi's birthday. I was short on funding and could get him anything half as special as i wanted to.. then i spotted this site on someone's YM status. HOW FANTASTIC!!!

What an awesome way to celebrate a birthday!!

Go see international hot-air balloons race around Putrajaya!! plus it would be free!! I mean, it's probably once in a lifetime... but i always thought hot-air balloons were cool. :) Besides, floating balloons of hot-air in the sunset, by the lake... how romantic!

I imagined maybe something like this!

Or this!! (Ok, this is 3D, but you get the picture)

So i got Muuzi to come to Cyberjaya saying i want to take him to dinner for his birthday.. and told him about this cool tempat makan next to the lake in precinct 2 (where the festival was held). I planned my itinerary carefully, cuz i wanted us to arrive when the balloons were about to fly so it would be like kind of a nice surprise to see almost airborne balloons there, (the website said the event would be over by 7.30-ish pm) so we got there by 6 pm.

Typical 'Malaysian' organizing (Yeah! I said it!!).... nothing had started. In fact the 'stalls' were still in the process of building themselves. Loud techno music was blasting and that alone pretty much eliminated any romantic part of the plan. Plus it was hot, and there were lots of kids.... noisy-annoying-nak-mampus kids.

But we found a spot, bought some snacks and drinks, and just chilled while we waited for stuff to happen. The actual balloon flying was quite awesome actually, it kind of redeemed my plans a bit.

Being a total girl... i like the rainbow ones. AND the pink elephant is so cute!!

The one i hated the most and had no place being in such a fun environment was this one.

Seriously, Why so serious?? They couldn't have had a smiling clown??

Neway, after almost all the balloons were up we left to Alamanda for 'actual dinner' and we had birthday cake at Secret Recipe. I got candles from the waiter but was too shy to sing out loud. :P

Happy Birthday Encik.

All in all it was a fun day, although it didn't really go the way i imagined it in my head. Muuzi swears he had fun and was really enjoying himself. Yay.

Next year will be even better, i promise. :)

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