Thursday, March 19


....the guy i met 3 years ago in front of the toilet at the loft, passing out napkins to random people. hehe.
....the person who would always say yes to my most ridiculous of ideas.
....the guy who mailed me a piece of tissue (to cititel) with the lyrics to Dashboard Confessional - again i go unnoticed, just to tell me how he felt. (yea, i'm sorry i'm so blur)
....the guy who got me roses eventho how much i stressed out that i really didn't want them.
....the person who insist i always look beautiful, even on my messiest of hairdays.
....the most talented and ENERGETIC performer(shower or otherwise) I've ever met. amazing best friend :)
....possibly the laziest person you will ever find on Sundays (I had to.. it was getting to positive) shoulder which i constantly cry on. But whom has never made me cry. :)

....the most amazing man i have ever known.

Happy birthday to My Mundzir. My Mooky. My Muuzi.

It's really mind-boggling that someone so wonderful as you could love someone like me.

Your Princess. hehe.

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