Tuesday, February 24

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I just finished watching the latest episode of HEROES.

*warning, post might contain spoilers if have not reached Season 3, episode 17.*

it made me think about the storyline so far, and i'm starting to feel SUNGGUH TAK PUAS HATI SERTA KELIRU!!
*hey, i said keliru... that's such a weird word, KELIRU... anywayy..*

after MUCH deliberation and pondering, i have narrowed down my Ketidak-puas-Hati-an and Keliru-ness into a top 10 list.

(Incase your wondering, YES, i have ample amount of free time when im slacking off from my FYP doing)

  • Number 10 - What in the WORLD happened to this chick???

    Remember her? Thats Peter Petrelli's Irish fling, Caitlin. What happened to her? Is she still stuck in the future?? Did she magically teleport back to the present when the virus tak jadi merebak?? Did Peter Petrelli/ Writers forget about her already? Didn't he PROMISE to save her no matter what?? What an Asshole.

  • Number 9 - They killed of VERONICA MARS!! i mean, Elle Bishop!! She was by far the most interesting psychological character on the show. I mean, the chick was CRAZY and i loved watching her smack down that bloody 'Cheerleader'. Now that she's dead there are no female characters on the show with kick-ass powers. (Tracey doesn't count cuz she's a wimpy whore)

  • Number 8 - What's up with Nathan Petrelli whom i have dubbed the shows resident MAN-WHORE. Is there a female character that he hasn't slept with?? I mean he's been with Ali Larter's character... ALL THREE of them, then there's Claire's bio-mom, Meredith, then dia ada BINI! and another 2 sons whom he apparently has forgotten??!


    And then they gave Ando some weak ass shitty power which is not helpful at all!

  • Number 6 - They killed the most awesome plot twist on the show, where Sylar and Peter found out they were actually brothers!

    That was so ingenius! It made them have some kind of bond, and yet they were enemies. How awesome...... then they killed it by making it all a lie. *roll eyes*

  • Number 5 - Where's MOLLY WALKER?? Isn't she supposed to be taken cared by Matt and Mohinder? Then Mohinder went all 'HULK-like', and so Matt became surrogate father, but now Matt is busy trying to get Daphne (The Speedster) back.... Who's taking care of MOLLY???

    Nobody loves me. :(

  • Number 4 - Midway thru season 3, i think the writers realised that killing gorgeous Isaac Mendez was the DUMBEST thing they did.. so they gave Isaac's powers to lame chubby Matt Parkman.

    Who would you rather have paint the future?

  • Number 3 - I have a plot suggestion, in order to save the world, or the show... someone MUST KILL THE CHEERLEADER... Cuz she is just plain annoying, dah la berlagak and the whole woe-is-me mentality is really bugging me. She's not a hero, more like a Mangsa. She can't do jack shit.... just NOT DIE. She needs to learn some serious martial arts or gun-slinging.

    Now thats a HERO!

  • Number 2 - Why are they reverting back to SEASON 1??? Adekah mereka Dejavu? Atau tiada idea lain?? It's the EXACT storyline, with some minor changes..... Instead of blowing up New York, they are gonna blow up Washington DC, and Noah Bennet is still bagging and tagging eventho there's no more company, Slyar is still on a power-trip killing spree with the addition of the creepy little sidekick. Did i miss something?

  • Number 1 - WHAT HAPPENED to the HUNGER?????

    Didn't Peter absorb Sylar's abillity? And as a result he got the hunger... and killed future president Nathan, then.... tu je?? Owh, and he almost killed his mother that one time.


    And how come the HUNGER didn't pass on to Peter's father?? When the father took away all of Peter's powers? Not fair right? Haih... He didn't become evil or psycho like Sylar... They should have stuck with that.. make Peter or the Father kill more people and become super powerful. If that were to happen and Nathan decided to bag and tag everyone, i wouldn't mind... but now everyone is SO HARMLESS and yet Nathan is making this big fuss in catching all the people with abillities by saying they are dangerous.

I'm really really hope something good happens in the next few episodes.. I'm almost losing interest already, haih, too many loose ends. Give me My Heroes back.

Owh, Feel free to add any thoughts on the subject... if any. :)


Bart Persie said...

Oh..i do got a comment..
Bout the hunger..
that power will not unleashed unless that person yg ade ability tue dpt control that power..
Like peter..he get that hunger ability tue after he try to control it..
like Peter's dad..i dont think he even know that ability..n mcm sylar ckp..not all people can control that ability..
so..enjoy ur movie..:)

mickiedesu said...

one more thing...
arthur absorb all peter's power. including clair's.
how come he can die?

Ayeshadam said...

Owh yeah, Maybe Arthur absorbs powers but doesn't keep them, besides he doesn't need Claire's power, he already got Adam's. But really wish Peter would get his powers back, and that Sylar will get over his daddy issues already. haih~

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