Friday, February 20


I'm so bored lately, just living day-to-day life is such a chore.

I hate being in Cyberjaya.... My roomate is in a world of her own and is rarely in present day. (I'm not kidding) She's into Anime and Cosplay and does Wushu for fun...

Do i really need to explain further?

It's just like having a whole room all to myself, which is cool, but it gets lonely after awhile...

Classes are ok, my work is moving along, Ok.

Been asked a lot lately about my plans after MMU.. It's also something i've been thinking a lot about.... Im REALLY REALLY looking forward to life after MMU. I can't wait to be done. Haihh...

I really wanna go work in Australia.. at least for a few months. That would be super-duper Cool.

I wanna be chillin' with koala bears and Kangaroo's :D :D :D

It would be SO AWESOME!! Haihhh....

But of course, i gotta graduate first la. :P

1 comment:

Mr. Karate said...

Your room mate sounds kinda cute.

PS: I hope she's not fat.

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