Monday, December 31

2007 Checklist.

My 2007 resolutions. (click link for reminder.)

_I must start a proper fitness regime. *FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL*

_Must loose 10 Kg. erm... lets be realistic and make it 5kg. I dont want to be too skinny and loose my boobs. ^__^ *FAIL. Actually GAINED 4 effin' kg*

_Must blog more often. *as most of you have noticed.... also FAIL*

_Must come back to melawati more often. Not only once a month. *PASS.*

_Must call mama more often. not only when in need of $.. *PASS*


_Work Harder. *Subjectively PASS.*

_Vector more *Earlier in the year i PASS, lately FAIL*

_Be nicer to people. *PASS with flying Colors*

_Be the best girlfriend EVER. *PASSS! diam ah.*

_Try and Graduate this year...... erk. *FAIL*

_remove all jerks out of my life. Unnessesary drama isn't needed this year. *Kinda PASS.*

_Get my portfolio up and running. *FAIL*

_be nicer to my loved ones. *PASS i think*

_or just be nicer to people in general. *PASS*

_to always have credit and not use alia as an Owl. teehee~ *PASS!*

_find ehsan a girlfriend. ^__^ *FAIL*

Crap. This year sucked. Owh well.....


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