Tuesday, December 30

Tsk Tsk Tsk.

I am a BAD bad blogger,

I should be spanked. Rawr.


Been doing some heavy socializing this whole week! It feels like the longest week EVER. Here's a quick recap of what i've been up to lately,

Monday: Did some studying, finished up my freelance material i've been working on, i'll show it to you guys later when its approved. And i went jogging. Yes! saya bersenam woot!!

Tuesday: Went to my classes, lepak library cari buku jap. And went to Groove junction in hartamas to see ONE BUCK SHORT and FRIENDS showcase. Opening act by Car Crash Hearts. It was a great night.

Wednesday: Did some packing and got ready to move. Teman Mr Muuzi to do some christmas shopping.. and went to Groove junction for the second showcase. This time opening act by Bunkface, who are TOTALLY AMAZING by the way. And these guys are so young. Jealous much. haih~ Later met up with Mashi and Amirul for shisha at hartamas square. ^_^

Thursday: Had christmas lunch with Muuzi's friends and besties Foeza and Tsar. Then had spent the rest of the day packing and cleaning up my room. I now realize i have a LOT of crap in there. Haih.

Friday: More packing Woot!! Later that night went to TAG with Mashi. BEST GILA! it's been awhile since we've done things like that together. huhu. Also made a few new friends. Hehe. :P

Saturday: Moving day Part 1, E2 came by to help me and mama move some boxes to the new house. It was tiring, and later went to Werners with Muuzi and Max to chill, Azlee and Izhan were there too. Made a quick cameo appearance in Cloth & Clef to see the BROKEN HEARTS CLUB event. Since i have never been there so i figured might as well check it out. Then went to FrangiPanggi to meet up with more friends.

Sunday: Moving day Part 2!!!! This is was such HELL, the lorry man was this old guy with a limp, so in the end we had to carry everything ourselves, then after it was all done, and we said goodbye to the Taman Desa house, Me and Muuzi left for MELAKA for Brandon's wedding.

The WEDDING WAS SO sweet!! Joanne (Brandon's wife) is so cute, and it was really great to see Brandon again after all this while.. I'm so happy for him. :)

Monday: Hari Cuti2 jalan2 di Melaka, apparently Muuzi is very historically deprived (since he was not brought up in Malaysia like the rest of us) and even has no clue what the A' Famosa is. cuz He thought it was a theme park. -__- So I took on the role and gave him a tour of melaka town. He complained about walking so much and tried to get me to naik beca. But it was fun. :) Then we went to check out the new Dataran Pahlawan MegaMall and did some 'light' shopping. :P

After shopping, came back to KL and had a late lunch with the guys (Syed Zikree, Azlee, Izhan, Winder, and Sarah) at MJ cafe, and spent the rest of the day playing PS3 :P

Well, there goes my week in a nutshell. :)


sarloamd said...

geez, rasa macam dah lama pulak rasanya tak pergi TAG. haha.

Rashid said...

I'd spank you, but my hand has a weight limit :p

Ayeshadam said...

sarloamd: Ape lagi jom la! :D Kalo pegi ajak la. :P

Rashid: Kerek nak mampus. I thought it would be more of a HEIGHT issue. :P

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