Thursday, December 18

Without Love

I woke up today weirdly enough with the song 'Without Love' from the HAIRSPRAY movie ringing in my head.

It could be because i had a dream that included Zac Efron. *it was a good dream btw* ^_^

My Lil boyToy.

Anyway all jokes aside, i'm feeling really flustered and worried my simulation scripting class this morning.

I've been having some problems and i dont have anyone to ask or go to. I emailed mr Avi and didn't get a reply. Im seriously considering camping outside his office.

Its really hard when you don't know anyone in the class. Haih. And even the people you do 'know' are calculative and unhelpful. Regardless to the fact that YOU had sacrificed many nights helping them with 'THEIR' work back in the day.

I hate being here in Cyber, I just want to get it over with, get my degree and move ON with my life!

Im just feeling a little left out and without purpose. :(

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