Wednesday, December 17

Mimpi Ngeri?

It was a lazy night, and i got a call from a landline number,

I picked up guessing it was those pesky survey people calling to confirm AGAIN about this saturday's group.

Me: Hello.

Unknown: Hello, boleh ckp ngn cik Ayesha Adam?

Me: Yeah, Sape ni? (guessing that it isn't the survey people at all)

Unknown: Anggap saja saya ni mimpi ngeri awak.

Me: (wtf?) Saya banyak mimpi ngeri. Sape ni? *nada kerek gila*

Unknown: *laughs* Ayesha penah dgr radio Era tak?

Me: (WTF?!) Huh? Sape ni??? Is this Rueben? ni Burn eh??

*The Dude was suppose to meet me up for mamak later*

Unknown/But im guessing it's Rueben: Huh? Burn tu sape? Haha. Ayesha boleh tolong saya tak?

Me: Wait, *a thought Just Occuring* Am i on the AIR??? *Starts hyperventilating*

Definately Rueben: *Laughs summore* Yes you are. So can you help me present the number one song.

Me: Erm Okayh *Starts Jabbering like a retard*

The rest is too embarrassing to even recap. Just i thank GOD, that most of my friends don't listen to ERA. *No offence to Rueben*

Actually most of them don't listen to radio at all. :D :D yay!!

With the exception of Zaxx, Who laughed very un supportively when the 'bit' aired. Crap la.

Must be more careful about picking up unknown numbers in future. Sigh.

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Scarlet Kiss said...

that's better than getting that prank 'Kena Kantoi' calls.

and i pernah kena in XFresh, the deejay read out my birthday wish list on air. he made me sound like a spoilt brat who wakes up only after lunch time!

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