Monday, December 22

Last weekend....

We rocked the freakin' WORLD.

Although technically it was just a carpark. But we rocked it yo. :P

I didn't really get that awesome feeling i usually get during live shows.

Yang tak best...

1) AGAIN: Kami sudah tua*... and honestly kids these days scare me.
2) I went with the boyfriend. Therefore cannot geek out and gush about cute guys. *minor set back*
3) I watch the show from the VIP tent, where there was a plasma and air-conditioning with the other orang tua* and 'important people'. *Yeah, Rock abis.*
4) We were late, got there about 8pm, most of the bands had already played... and we left at 11.30pm Haih~


1) Mr Muuzi was awesome. I was a very proud girlfriend. ^_^
2) REVENGE kicked ass!!!! * pls let leather SPANDEX make a comeback!!*
3) Jumpa Papa Punk!! Gila lama tak bertemu.. hehe. 'Yes! i promise one day i shall come holiday at your Perhentian ok!' :P
4) BUTTERFINGERS ROCKED!! and played my fave songs. Me and mashi were the only ones jumping up and down at the 'VIP' area. 'Lantak la kan mashi? huhu.'

All in all, including all the things that happened earlier that morning, it was an awesome day.. :)

On Sunday,

Me, Mashi and Muuzi went for breakfast at Berjaya, bangsar joined by Muuzi's two friends.

Then me and mashi went to the SHOW PINK Christmas sale. While the boys gossiped and did manly things.

I bought 1 very vintage dress for RM25, and cute candystriped buttons for RM2. :D It was a good buy. Although i need to diet a bit before can wear the dress. :P

Then me and mashi met up with Muuzi at MPH to pick out a book for Imran, cuz it was his birthday. We ended up getting a book called 'Lose Weight! Get Laid! Find God!' which is a HILLARIOUS book on life. It's like a life planner and tells you what to do at each stage of your life in order to have a happy life.

Then after some slight after shopping dessert.... 'ehem'... we set off to Decanter Too in hartamas for Imran's party. The party was great... just a chilled out, hang out party. Tak kecoh sangat. It was nice. :)

Today i spent the day cleaning my room and fussing about laundry, and packing some boxes as me and mama are gonna be moving soon. *Haih*. Then had an early dinner with muuzi before coming back to Cyberjaya. Surprisingly, it only took me 45 from klsentral to MMU. It was one of those times i didn't have to wait forever for the bus/train. :)

K la, better sleep now, got class tomorrow, gotta go early to make sure i get a pc. haih~

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