Sunday, December 7


Went the LAUNCH of the much hyped BARSONIC to celebrate the RETURN of my TWILIGHT ACTION GIRLS on friday.


We got there about 1030pm, and the line was already freakin' LONG! Mr Muuzi and Maxapex spent 10 mins in the line and bailed to Heritage row, mostly, cuz in the whole 10 minutes, they only moved about 2 steps. Me and my girls were a little more persistant. All in all we waited in line for 1 HOUR!!! ONE FRIGGIN' HOUR!

What started of as excitement to enjoy barsonic, it turned into a vendetta to see what the big deal was about!

The whole layout of the place was ridiculous. 'BARSONIC' much resembled a large STOREROOM (in fact, i'm pretty sure it is!), the DJ consul was near the entrance, which was opposite of the Bar area, and the toilet was at the very end...

Haih, susah nak explain! here's a visual.

Imagine all the white areas being covered by a bunch of drunk people dancing. Urgh!!

Urgh! If it wasn't because we have been deprived of a good TAG night out in 2 months, we would have ditched it all together and gone to Changkat. But We STAYED! until the lights came on at 2.30am. (Again, WTF? awal gila!)

Gladly, good company, and good tunes redeemed the whole situation. Kudos to Daryl @ DJ Ribut and the rest of the TAG boys for pulling out some killer classics. All in all, It was a fun night la, minus the whole venue and guestlist fiasco.

Today was pretty uneventful, Mashi went for her Interview way too early in the morning (I hope you get it syg, eventho it means u akan berterbangan. Haih), then sent Jaja to Pudu after lunch... she's going back to penang for the holidays.

'COME BACK SOON YO!! Miss you already'

Met up with Muuzi and his boys for lunch PART 2! Then off to Shah Alam to see Muuzi's friend Boy, who was having a BBQ to celebrate his new baby girl, Fiona Qistina. ^_^ Loving that name!!

Then balik and did some work!

Tomorrow wanna go palate pallate go buy some vintage biri biri yo! haha!

Isn't this cute?? nakkkkk!!!!:D


sarloamd said...

oh. how i wish to see someone body surfing and ends up landing right in the bar. haha

oh. vip room tu untuk orang make out lah. (hanya teori, belum ada bukti. :P)

Ayeshadam said...

I think it almost happened! people tried to body surf.. only to end badly. haha.

vip room takde pintu.. tp ade bouncer bouncing people away. :P

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