Tuesday, December 2

Cuppacakes and Happy times.

Had cupcakes with Jaja and Muuzi @ +Wondermilk near uptown last saturday.

I love the shop! and the whole concept is so interesting! I hope i could do something like that one day. :) That would be so awesome yo! :D

Truthfully the cupcakes aren't really as nice as the ones at Cupcake Chic which are NICER and BIGGER for the same price.

But the sandwiches are HEAVENLY!! and the Mango soda, was interesting. :P

It's a cool chill out spot, thats for sure.

After +Wondermilk, we met up with Mashi and went to Treehaus @ Uptown (the old Naili's) to meet up with Azlee.

Happy times + Good Friends and Sweet Desserts. :)

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