Wednesday, November 26

Bored to Marbles

I haven't blogged about myself lately, cuz there isn't anything to blog about lately


When i don't have class, i mostly just sit up in my room and watch torrents.

And now, i have reached the point where i am up to date in all of the below:

ANTM C11 (dah abis)
HIMUM (How I Met Ur Mother)
SUPERNATURAL (which btw, S4:Ep10 KICKS ASS!!)
Upin dan Ipin ^_^

Im at the point where i just sit there and refresh Cybertracker over and over for new updates.

Don't get me wrong, i did manage to get some work done... currently Re-Researching my Final Year Project (FYP) topic. Owh! and i also updated my Deviantart. *Muka bangga*

And i also was a bit tied up doing some work for Mr Muuzi. But abandoned it half way sbb takde inspirasi as well as I HATE MAYA -__-


Owh i got pics! Stolen from various FaceBooks tho.... Mashi has been really busy with work.

FLYfm's Awesome Anniversary@OneUtama

Redsessions: John Digweed @ Zouk KL

Note the VIP passes. Muahaha!

Owh just been informed that TWILIGHT dah keluar!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!! (Suck it AUSSIES!)

EDWARD DARLING!! wait for me! I'm COMING!!! GAH!


Anonymous said...

when was the last time i listen to flyfm ah? i pun tak ingat. haha. :P

Alia said...

Oh how sufferable! Not only did you rub it in my face, but you also called me an AUSSIE! GAHHH!! *cleans out ears with cottonbuds*

Anyhoo, who cares. I watched the epic movie Australia in Australia, and twas awesome. Mwahahaha.

Nomia said...

i hate u for that particular pic!! tunggu akan di revenge!!!

Ayeshadam said...

Alia: That only proves that u are even more 'AUSSIE' than i thought! hahaha! :P

Jaja: Muahahahaahha!!

e²¹ said...

maya work? anything for me?

u gonna ajak me to go watch twilight or not? what about antoo fighter?

thestrangestar said...

my budak kecik!
mine lah skrang

Abah said...

Macam nampak ko ari tu. Hummmmm


Ayeshadam said...

kat flyfm kah? kemungkinan, i pon ada nampak org ngn camera slr. haha.

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