Friday, December 12


I may be possibly the LAST GIRL EVER to not have watched the SEX IN THE CITY Movie

Well, today i watched it.

I Laughed, I Cried, I wanted to bitchslap Mr Big, Hug Steve, And steal Carries shoes.

^_^ Thats A LOT of emotions for One Movie.

After the movie, i felt happy that i had my two girls. As well as, found my boy man. :)

Hopefully my life only gets better from now onwards. ^_^

Guess who else has found her own Mr Big? ;) Hehe~


shep said...

ur the 2nd last grl. i am the last one. xtgk lagiiiiiiiiii

Ayeshadam said...

Haha. i feel better now.

What u waiting for girl! watch it lor! :P

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