Monday, December 15

Silent Disco Diva.

It was an Interesting weekend.

Me and Muuzi dropped by for a quick hello-goodbye session with his friends at Barsonic on friday night.

Met up Karman, Sham and the rest of the 'lofters' crew (those who didn't go zoukout, that is)

Only stayed about an hour, and then went straight home cuz i had to get up early the next day to go to Kamal Ramlan's Wedding in Jelebu with the CMV people. :)

Next morning about 10am, i got a frantic call from Kim. 3 missed calls, i had overslept. Oopps! :P

A very annoyed Redzuan, Kim and Erin came to pick me up half an hour later and we made the 1 hour journey to Jelebu.

1 hour of gossiping later, we got to Kamal's place, we ate, took pics, gossiped summore and left at 2.30pm cuz it was freakin' hot outside.

Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Got back to taman desa about 4+, because of the massive traffic jam in seremban. Haih!~ Anyway, i showered, changed and bolted back out the door to meet up with Mashi for a girls day out in Sg Wang. ^_^

We weren't allowed to buy anything cuz we are saving all our money for SHOW PINK this saturday. So we decided to check out our abang2 rockstar at UOX at Sg Wang's ROOFTOP.

We got lost. We literally went to the ROOFTOP. Padahal it was on the 4th floor carpark ROOFTOP. Duh~ (luckily we weren't the only ones who ran into this problem, kan Diena kan? hehe)

I'm starting to think i'm too old for gigs. Sigh~

Banyak gila bebudak sekolah, terasa cam auntie, huhu. But luckily, the artworks by bangkit and co were pretty unique! The show was awesome, the crowd was really hyped! It was great. Nasib baik tak runtuh Sg. wang. :P

The funny thing was that there were this two dudes, Joe & Ijam, who kept taking our pictures. Me and Mashi at first reluctantly posed as they took the first picture. Then it became a fullblown photoshoot. :P Yeay! kawan baru. :D

After the show went to Pavillion to check out the silent disco thing, was funny but we were too hungry to enjoy it. So we went for dinner at La Bodega with Mashi, Muuzi, Imran, Genevieve (Imran's Gf and also my ex SKTM schoolmate), and Izal... the food was amazing! Was fun. :)

After that me and Mashi went back to the Silent Disco thing, this time with more energy to party. Muuzi and Izal joined us later, hehe. It was so awesome! Yet somehow extremely retarded!

Click here to watch the video!

Pictures will be uploaded as usual, when mashi gives them to me. hehe.

I gotta start bringing my own camera yo. :P But i did however, manage to take this pic on my phone on the long journey back from seremban. :P

I know, it's a bit too myspace @ 'pose budak baru nak Up'... but are you forgetting who's blog this is? :P


shep said...

omg!kamal kahwin!

Ayeshadam said...

I had the same expression when i found out. heheh. :P it was so cute, he asked our opinion on what to get as hantaran sumer. comel gila. hehe.

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