Tuesday, December 9


Dammit, editing XML is a biatch. -__- haih~

Temporary insanity tempted me and i said, HEY, why not take a challenge on a lazy tuesday afternoon. Sedar2 dah pukul 7 petang. Zaxx is gonna kill me cuz i promised to go jogging with him today.

Tsk tsk. Damn! mesti 'kene' jap gi. huhu~
Been a long and boring day here in cyberjaya. I want to do stuff but nothing seems to 'Jalan'. Don't even have mood to watch Heroes. Haih~ weird kan?

Why Supernatural takde episode baru lagi eh? I miss my Dean. huhu.

K la, i'm gonna give in now, im off to watch gossip girl.

Hope you guys like the new layout!! ^_^


Anonymous said...

sangat suci layoutnya.
sesuci salju =P

Ayeshadam said...

Mekasih. ^_^

nobeat said...

Lay out sedap mata memandang. Innocent jek. haha

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