Wednesday, November 12


I know a lot of you has been stalking my blog to find out how my first days in MMU went...

*Don't deny it, i have trackers. :P*

I do apologize for not updating this blog, even tho i have ample time to do so.

malas gila... i have no real excuse for it.

Anyway, monday was interesting, to say the least.

I got up early (7am) monday morning, and made my way to Cyberjaya by ERL. I got to MMU just in time for class at 9am.... but there was nobody there. I sms some people, and found out they changed the venue cuz the pc in the previous room wasn't working.

So i looked for the replacement classroom. Sad to say i was pretty lost on my first day back in FCM. Found the class.... sat by people i recognise just in time for the lecturers to decide that we were moving back to the old classroom, because the projector in this class was not working.

Heh.. Welcome back to 'MMU' Yo!

The presentations were interesting.. The lecturers were as tough as usual. Ms. Natalya (previously taught me webdesign) has now joined the League of VR lecs.

***don't make me comment on it***

Anyway, after presentations, i saw Ms Mastura and clarified with her that i wasn't suppose to register for this subject but i had to join in with the class either way.

*I only failed SEM 3, but since this is a Final Year Project (FYP) i had to join the SEM 2 classes so i will be prepared for SEM 3. Complicated, i know..*

After that, i had lunch with Zaxx and his Gym buddies. Felt kinda guilty eating pasta while they talk about how carbs effect their fat body content. I'm all fat content. I don't think i have a single muscle in my body..... *Emo kejap* But the pasta was yummy, and CHEAP! I miss cheap MMU food! :D After mkn i excuse myself from Zaxx and the gym boys to go get my hostel key. huhu. They put me on the FRIGGIN TOP FLOOR!! Tinggi gila, and a LOT of STAIRS weih. GAH! I remember how i used to make fun of Nia cuz he always got the high floors zaman dulu2 and masa tuh my room was convieniently on the ground floor.

Yup, Karma is a bitch.

In the Afternoon VR class, we were suppose to do elaborations on the topics we had chosen. Suddenly, Ms Natalya told me, and the Lecturers had deliberated and have 'decided' that i don't have to join the class. And i would be able to continue my old project.


THIS MEANS............ that i only have one class to go to this sem. And that i would be wasting my time, in Cyber-freaking-Jaya!!



BladyfarkingHELL!!!!!! GAHHHHHHH!!!

This, seriously SUCKS.

So, that being said... if anyone knows of any vacant jobs in the Cyberjaya area. I'm available!


shahril mohammad said...

oh what a waste ayesha.
eng year bonus tu. boleh joli-joli sampai terbalik. haha.
anyway, all the best for your fyp.

shuji okishima said...

welcome back dear!!!

AddamBlack said...

hey awak. comment design baru blogku.

and abt ur fyp. u ikut jer klas diorang. so u can tambah better. ganbatte!

*insyaallah ada masa kita lunch nak?*

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