Friday, November 14

Suck it to the Maxis.

It's been a few days, but i've been busy with classes and i'm still getting re-adjusted to MMU life.

Darn, it sure feels weird.

In a way, It's like i never left at all... but at the same time all my friends are gone.

Scary and Kinda Boring at time cuz i don't have that many people to talk to or even hang out with.

But one thing that keeps me going is having superfast cyberjaya LAN intranet downloading after months of torture using the hopeless Maxis wireless crap. Urgh.

Downloading a episode of heroes takes exactly 1 minute. Awesomeness right? :P

Speaking of heroes... did u guys check out the latest episode??

OMG!! what will happen to my Nakamura??? I'm so dying to find out. huhuhu.

Woah.. look at the time. It's now 3am, i gotta go sleep now.... Today (15/11) is Mama's birthday so i gotta find her a present. :)

Owh while i'm at it, might as well wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the NOVEMBER Babies.

Mr Dude (1/11)
Abe Zaxx (3/11)
Daniel The EX/Mr Audi (5/11)
Wan Da Bomb/ Mr Hakeem (10/11)
Abg Blink (13/11)
Uncle Lim (14/11)
Me Maman (15/11)
my Cousins
Reese (11/11) and Ahmad (27/11)

And all you other bundles of Joy. Have a GOOD ONE. :)
Goodnight peeps.


shahril mohammad said...

download heroes 1 minute?
gila laju?
y just mmu?
y not whole malaysia?
why? why?
fuck why, bodoh TM.

e²¹ said...

looks like you lost track of time. it's still the 14th.

Ayeshadam said...

yes i know. MMU does that to people. we become unconscious of the time

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