Sunday, November 9

Zouk VERSION 2... can go HANYUT!

The NEW Zouk sucks.

And officially dah jadi Kelab orang TUA. Urgh....

Now the age limit has been raised to 23. (Not that effects me, since i am already 23.. But I don't NEED people to know that!). Don't even get me started on the BULLSHIT Dresscode they got going. Urgghhhhh.. Whatever Gila!

But despite all it's short comings we did manage to have a GREAT time last Saturday with John Digweed.

I'll promise to give you more updates on my weekend later. :)

Right now, i gotta go sleep. Cuz i got class tomorrow. erk?

*seriously hoping that i still know how to absorb knowledge. Help!*


Alia said...

haha! WTF?! Sigh, at this rate I'll never be 'old enough' to go clubs in Msia then!
*hehe rub it in* :p

However, do tell about the dress code!! So now kena pakai baju tutup aurat between pusat ngn lutut ke? Hahaha!

shahril mohammad said...

ahh. i wonder if that stupid rules will be applied on barsonic. i hope not. if yes, takde la gadis-gadis muda dia sana. haish. haha

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