Monday, October 13

'Nothing but a Local DJ

Who said he had some songs play.
What went down from just fooling around,
Gave Hope for a brand new day! '

The Ting Tings - A Great DJ

Forget One DJ... TRY 5 GREAT DJ's in one night. Woot!!

Last friday's LAPSAP vs Twilight Action Girls at Palate Palatte was the perfect comeback gig for me and the girls!

It was DAMN HOT!! Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and LITERALLY. :P

Me and Mashi had to do a lot of brainwashing to get Jaja to come along, it was WORTH IT!... hehe. :P Eventhough something very UNLUCKY, tapi agak KELAKAR (Hey, I'm sorry but it is!!) happened to Jaja that night... It would have been the same being a DUO when we are so much more awesome as a TRIO. ^_^

Here are some highlights from friday night. ^_^

Courtesy dari camera Mashi, and the nicer pics are from Encik Arif, terima kasih kerana sudi jadi event photographer tidak berbayar. *hugs dari kami bertiga*

Sadly no pictures of Muuzi, who was there too... but came late, and ditched us early to go somewhere called Werner's (??) which was obviously 'less packed'. Hampeh... but, apparently Hans Issac was there *Wah! gila tak ajak*. Anyhow later, Muuzi still managed to limp (very long story.. huhu) his way back to us to go makan after. ^_^.

ps: Malangnya, he did not bring Hans Isaac skali. ^_^ hehe. *Whut?? im kidding la. :P*


Owh, on a totally unrelated note, Hari ini ada orang kata saya 'kelihatan kurus'.


Maybe, it's the lack of Raya spirit this year, or my schedule that has kept me away from munching free kuih raya and multiple ketupats with lotsa kuah satay and rendang at open houses. Darn, lapa la plak tetiba. huhu

Gembira la while it last... probably tomorrow someones gonna tell me i look fat again. T_T


Lantak la.. my mother will still loves me. BOO YAA!

Owh on another unrelated topic. (Wah. banyaknye tukar topic ^_^)

Today is Ezani's birthday...

I know, i was shocked too.... Nasib baik ada facebook ^_^ haha.

Neway, met up with E2 after work for nando's with Co-worker KimCheah.

*Agak tak berbaloi... Nando's mahal and takde la sedap mana... I hate nando's.*

After that E2 sent me home, and gave me my weekly supply of Gossip Girl, Heroes and How i met your mother. YEAY!!!

E2... thanks so much for being my friend. Even if u never marry my sister *cough*, You'll always be my friend ^_^. My very WEIRD and sometimes Irritating Friend.

But still you get my point.... :P



e²¹ said...

gambar buruk! nooo!
not that i care much about how i look anyway. :P

ok, maybe i do. nowadays. a little. just a tiny bit. (tak vain, tak vain, tak vain)

shahril mohammad said...

lapsap vs tag. missed that.
can't wait for barsonic.

AddamBlack said...

gambar classic!
oh and aye, I LOVE NANDOS. bluek to you yang tak suka nandos.

Alia said...

Nandos Australia jugak sedap. Banyak basting sauce - yummm~ ;D

shuji okishima said...

weh..pi palate palatte tak ajak

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