Thursday, October 9

Because i can.

Have you ever done something.... that you know, you are gonna regret tomorrow??

Why did you do it??

Trying new things is a part of life... It lets us discover ourselves and it shows the parts of ourselves that we usually hide from public view.

When we slip up and something goes wrong.. then that part that we fight so hard to hide is out there so everyone to see. I guess that's when you realize 'trying' that particular thing... WAS A MISTAKE.

Most things we try, turn out to be mistakes anyway.

But then if we didn't try... How do we really know if it was indeed a mistake?

Sometimes we act all dangerous and purposely make mistakes.

Ignoring the big 'DO NOT TOUCH THIS' plastered all over. As normal human beings we start to wonder...

'Eh, why cannot touch?'

'Is it hot? How hot is it?'

'Will my hand melt off?'


We get burned.. it hurts like hell. But now we know...that we 'DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH!!' it.

Sigh.. A stubborn race, We are. (Sounds like something Master Yoda would say.)

But it's not all bad. Trying new things is also a way to cure our curiosity in a way. We learn something new. Besides, curiosity doesn't always kill the cat. Does it??

So, Why did you do it? i ask you again.

Why do i do it?

Blatantly making mistakes, luckily managing to correct a few as i go along. And I keep making 'this is so unlike me' choices.

Sometimes, when i take a step back, and look at myself... and i dont know who i am anymore.

But I guess we'll soon find out. One crazy mistake at a time.

-Do something new.

-Do something stupid.

-Do something fun.

-Do something that everyone around you says you shouldn't

-Do something, YOU would never do.


Because you can.

Because.. i can too.


Scarlet Kiss said...

Hi Ayesha!

It good to know that there are people who consciously lompat masuk parit eventhough you know its going to be so sakit!

Most people would be in denial and started to blame everything but themselves.

"the parit shouldnt have been there!"
"why didnt you stopped me from jumping into the parit?"
"why my bruises must be so sakit?"
u get the picture :)

not many would admit, "i went into the parit because i wanted to"

nice blog u hv here. may i link?

-no more ur silent reader-

Anonymous said...


Ayeshadam said...

Hey hey ms Shea, sure link away! i'll link you too. :)

I secretly baca blog u gak. Harharhar ^_^

Scarlet Kiss said...

linked ;)

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