Wednesday, October 15

My Supernatural Boyfriend(s)

is the most hottest/gorgeous/insanely delicious/most awesome Demon bounty hunter on
the planet Earth

He's not not only hot, He's very funny, He's got a devilishly cheeky sense of humour, and he's a family man (who doesn't love someone who puts family first?? ^_^), also he's really really HOT!!!


Owh, Did i mention he's hot??

THANK YOU CW for bring my Dean Winchester back to me ^_^

I don't know why Supernatural doesn't have a bigger following. I think it's more awesome then BUFFY+Angel combined.

Yeah! I said it. It is MORE AWESOME!


AddamBlack said...

do you have it? season 3 and 4? sebab i lom habis tgk and i nak!!!
if ada, and if u pi rumah ezani, please oh please bawak

sheera said...

yeahh he's hot :D

Alia said...

Oooh me likey this hottie too. Heehee. I've never actually bothered going thru a whole episode of Supernatural really - but you know how I don't like Buffy and Angel to start with. Heh.

ida said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
e²¹ said...

was all that referring to the actor or his character...?

AddamBlack said...

aye! answer meeeeee!
u ada ker tak!!!!

Ida said...

yeah he's hot! dah tengok season 4 episode 6? all dean :D

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