Friday, October 17

Buzzy BUzzY BUZZY Busy Bee.

When i realised i would have the weekend off my brain went into event scouter mode.

I won't be sitting at home, on the FIRST weekend off that i've had since AGES!

So this is what's on the program.

Friday @ Today.
Going to watch a movie with some cititel peeps. *Movie still undecided*

Then later maybe chill with my two best girls (Who btw, as of 11am.. have still not replied my sms. 'Oi! tido mati ape?')

(x-Brother in Law) Ezani's OPEN HOUSE.

and then i'm gonna be heading down to the most awesome gig to hit KL in ages.


Apparent the gig is TOTALLY FOC.

My Muuzi and Alang kesayang will be performing, as well as Estrella, Hujan and few other of my FAVE local bands. Of course Meet Uncle Hussain and OAG as well! Weee!!

You got to be crazy not to go.

Support ur local talent!! Go, and buy their CD's and awesome Tshirts!

Much like this one ^_^
*No secret there. haha*

Anyway, the Gig starts at 1.30pm - 11pm with a total of 24 locals doing their thing ^_^
*I sound like an event promoter. And i'm not even getting paid. Darn :P*

Owh, note kepada RAVER2 Tegar, (yes, i mean you) SPEEDZONE is also tomorrow. The TAG boys will be spinning. Pls let me know how that goes ^_^
Hari chill sedunia... i still have no plans for sunday. If you got an idea.. gimme a ring ;)

Owh, this event is not in this weekend. BUT I WANNA GO PLS!!!

Owh yeah, other coming events. Warning: shameless plug here.

This 31st. Theres gonna be a HALLOWEEN event @ SUNWAY. Tix are RM55. Live bands, DJ's, and LIVE SCARES.

One Buck Short, Y2K, Joey G and Systematically Avoided Disaster will be there.

Interested?? Then check this out.

I dont think im gonna be going to sunway unfortunately, since i've already RSVP'd for the birth of BARSONIC ^_^

Also can't wait for the next LAPSAP! ^_^

Can't Wait!! Weeeeee!!


thestrangestar said...

lama dah jadi promoter?
baper dapat?
u beat jaja!!

Ayeshadam said...

Hahaha. ey, jaja only promote gigs from sunway (for some reason.)

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