Monday, September 8

Manic, Panic, Goddamn Satanic.

Don't ask me where i've been these past few weeks.

So much has happened.

I'm gonna be cliche and tell you that i've been busy with work. But the trust is, my life has been sucking A LOT lately. So i really have lost all will to blog.

I hate being home these days. I feel like theres an intruder in my house. It just feels so semak. GAH! I guess it's probably cuz theres a lot of personal and emotional stuff going on right now.

And frankly, most of it's too embarresing to report. Therefore im probably just gonna keep it to myself.

Owh, one piece of good news tho.. MY PC'S BACK!!


The motherboard fan was kaput. And because my motherboard was bought wayyy back when dinosours ruled the earth.... they dont make the same type anymore.

So, i had to change it. And when i changed the mother board... everything else wasn't compatible. So FRANKLY... i changed EVERYTHING except the DVD writer... and the casing.

Therefore: I'm fucking miskin PAPE KEDANA this month.

And raya is coming up soon. Thank god, my little cousins are not gonna be around to 'pau' me for duit raya. :D :D :D

selamat gue. ^_^

Stressing A LOT about money these days.

Scared i won't have time to collect all i need, in time for MMU *which starts NOV 10th!!!*.

I'm sorting out my backup plans LIKE CRAZY right now. Huhu.. i'm probably gonna have to find a part time job in cyber to get by. Hopefully there's one available. (If you know of one... Let me know! pref: something that starts after 6pm)

Im so psyched about going back to Cyber. I know it's a long time coming... but I CAN'T WAIT!!


albeit, this time... i'm gonna be alone alot. Most all of my classmates have graduated. And i don't know anyone from this batch. Except maybe Zaxx, who's in DM.. not VR. But at least i'll have someone to go lunch with.

Owh and I heard thru the grapevine that Puan Sri is gonna quit teaching VR. sigh... i wish Ms. Mastura would quit.... or at least not give me too much of a hard time. :( huhuhu.


I'm so stressed out.
I need a vacation...... or a hug.

Either would do. I'm not that fussy. :)


chuzzel said...

tak cukup ker aritu kadel?
nk hug sapa pulak?

Alia said...

Awwww *huggggggg*
And at least you updated. I was getting bored of singing the title of your last entry. Haha :P

Azzrizal said...

yeay da update! :)

nanana-ne said...

aye aku ade bagi kamu award. nanti amek eh.

shuji okishima said...

esha..limkokwing IT department is looking for web designer or development..ok??

onetouchtoomany said...

waaaaaaaaa.. x sabar nak masuk balek

kaznessrocks said...

nov 10th here we come! my final sem! have lunch w me ok!

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