Wednesday, August 20

Hey Hey You You, Avril just got Canceled!!!

Not i care..... (I'm no big fan, plus i heard she sucks live.)

But whats with the lame ass excuse?? Avril is too sexy to perform in Malaysia?

Load of bullcrap if you ask me.

It's not ok for Avril to dance around in hotpants and a tank top, But OK for Hannah Tan to pose in a Bikini on her Album Cover?

It's not OK that the PussyCatDolls danced provocatively on stage but OK for the skimpy clad Malaysian girls who were shakin their things' off stage?

PCD. At least they get paid to look slutty.

Pic is actually from the Roxy tour earlier this year. But you get my point.

Notice most of the act getting fined/canceled are female acts.

First Beyonce, then Inul, now Avril....

Are women no longer allowed to perform in malaysia?

There's a rule now that in Malaysia, all performers are required to wear clothes without obscene or drug-related images. They also need to be covered from chest to knees and need to refrain from shouting, jumping, hugging and kissing on stage.


Ok, i get it that we don't want a bunch of naked people on stage. I mean i agree with that.

Whats with the no shouting, jumping, hugging and kissing rule?? I don't get it.

The only reason Celine, Mariah and Whitney got to perform in Malaysia is cuz they've been around FOREVER! And are considered veteran acts. The kind of show your parents will want to go see, more than you.

So is any Modern female act is a big No NO these days?

I guess we can say goodbye to hopes of a Christina Aguilera, or Fergie concert in KL.

Thank god Singapore is so nearby.


Alia said...

Geez, did you actually read the newspapers to get these facts right? Hahahaha.. My god Aye, I guess life really does suck without me around :P

Oh, and don't forget the Slut-erina's at that Xmas party in Colmar. Pakai PVC dresses yang memang boleh nampak crotch. Goyang goyang bontot.. Brrrr. Geli giler aku.

e²¹ said...

There was also that bellydancing thing me and Alia saw way back before we were marr.. err, coupled.

It's stupid that they're cancelling the Avril concert. And I cannot accept the excuses. I'm gonna go start an anti-government movement now. Or move to another country ASAP.

Rashid said...


LuLu d' piXiE said...

yesterday i chEcked...
d cOncert still on!!!

Ayeshadam said...

Ey Ello, i did read the newspapers. Doink. Your probably saying that cuz the concerts back on again. :P

I they got the approval for the concert like 2 days after this post. :P

E2: What belly dancing?

Alia said...


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