Monday, September 15

What do i do on my days off?

I Stalk Jessica Stam on google and vector it.

Stam by ~BlazinPhoenix on deviantART

The Phoenix is back yo!...Wo0t!!
*My nickname suddenly sounds really geeky when put in that sentence. Eekkss!!*


Haven't been doing much lately. Tried to blog but a lot of things got in the way. Like my will to live. Urgh. Just trying to get by day by day by day. Man, there are A LOT OF DAYS!!! *Which i'm sorta greatful considering the alternative.*

I miss my girls. But getting loads of crappy shifts lately. Cuti only on mondays. WTF??

Who the HELL cuti on mondays?? ME! that's Who.

Nak ajak lepak (on monday's) pon.. everyone will be working.

Org ajak i lepak.. I will be WORKING. Gaddamitt! Pointless.

Thank god someone still manage to find time for me and patiently listens while i rant about my hectic, dramatic but sometime pointless life. :) Walaupun amik MC hari ni tidak menjadi. * No more faking illnesses ok?* :P

Ps: Thank You so much for the wonderful gift by the way. But the real gift to me is to have a friend like you in my life.

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