Friday, August 15

What the .................. ??

I read this piece on Ezani's blog.

Laughed at first.... but later felt guilty and shameful that i laughed. I really don't understand it.

We really have a lot of talent here in malaysia. I mean A LOT!! And thats just the people i know...

Has anyone seen the adverts on diversity from FILEM NEGARA (don't bother looking at the website... most of the links are broken anyway. Don't start me commenting on government websites) ??

Serious bodoh gila! The adds are so lame.. The acting is bad, the quality is bad... the script, makes u wanna cry.

And theres animations too, which is just painful to watch. It's like someone lame ass assignment (That would have been graded a big fat D in MMU btw,) being aired for public. I mean I suck at 3D so i REALLY know what sucky 3D looks like. Believe me. It sucks.

The FA kids can do a wayy better job.

I can't help but cringe every time those adverts come on. And the ridiculous thing is the government pays them HEAPS for that crap. More than they deserve, really.

Don't believe me??

Owh since we are on the topic of REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD NATIONAL ADVERTS...

I think Ezani would enjoy this piece a lot.

OMG it's like A HSM! But with blue celoreng!! I see zac efron!


Alia said...


Thank you sooo soooo much, I'm gonna go abuse someone now.. Hahahhaa :P

e²¹ said...


Wah, dulu diorang ajar guna M16, now they're teaching hip-hop dance moves!

Khidmat Negara memang sangat world! :P:P:P

Ayeshadam said...

Sgt world??? Whaddefak?

Anonymous said...

kat page shea pun ade la...korang dua pakat ke

Anonymous said...

kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah.
abis makruh puasa.

mari belajar menyanyi dan menari di PLKN

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