Tuesday, August 12

Congratulations and happy birthdays!

Happy birthday to my Darling Mashitah @ MASHI!!

photo by Mr NURIL

Basic low down on whats being going on lately.

-Friday night we went to Cats Pajamas! @ The Loft. ^_^. Wan Da Bomb showed up with his Bayu crew, and MORE AND MORE MMU people are coming to loft now. Kantoi abis. -__-

pics courtesy of Hazwan the drunken photographer

- Went Hartamas on Saturday night after work with jaja and zaxx. Owh funny story! Otw back from hartamas, we made an emergency stop at Shell cuz i needed to pee *I have the bladder of a 70year old man*. This particular Shell was seriously REMPIT infested. Tp atas dasar terdesak (i really really needed to pee) we made the pitstop anyway. Unfortunately, almost typically... the toilet was out of order. So we decided to go to another gas station. But the car didn't want to go. o_0

GAH!! (keep in mind, i still haven't pee'd yet at this point. Which only made things worst.) Luckily after a few almost 10 mins of Zaxx panicking and me dancing around to stop me from wetting myself, the car magically started again. YAY!

- Sunday night mashi picked me up after work with a big suprise in the front seat ^_^ We went ronda2 in PJ and had dinner @ piccadilly. And had a mini celebration for her 23rd birthday. Then i spent the night at mashi's new house. WAH! aircond sejuk dammit!

Next morning (EARLY EARLY EARLY morning -__-) went with mashi to convo ^_^ I Couldnt get in the grand hall so i just lounged around convofest. Ended up watching the I am Legend screening @ FIT building. :P After the dog died i was pretty bummed out so i walked around summore until the graduates finally came out. Then all hell broke loose. CAMERA's FLASHING EVERYWHERE! Hats FLYING. It was chaos! ^_^ Twas fun tho.

Sempat jugak camwhore sini sana. :P

Congrats to my friends!

Mr Zeek and Us.

Sempat cari geng Convo 2009. Haha! *hopefully*

- I Went Was FORCED to watch SUSUK with the cititel gang last night after work. 0_o *Agak Whadehhell* Ini sumer salah Cik Wan! The movie was actually not bad. Ida Nerina is DAMN HOT!! And i wish i look like sophia jane at that age... heck, i wish i look like sophia jane NOW.

Huhu..but really it was the ending of the movie.... kinda ruined the whole thing. We had a long discussion about it while having Nasi lemak babi *jgn tanya why they call it that* in PJ. Huhu.

So there you go... the low down on my week so far. :)
Hope the rest of the week is as interesting. ^_^


onetouchtoomany said...

wohhh............ grad , xper.. our turn next time around :P

Ayeshadam said...

^_^ looking forward to that :D

Rashid said...

that's the nicest pic of mashi i've ever seen.

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