Tuesday, August 5

Shoppings Dan Rakans.

Woot to the weekend!!

No lofting this week for me. Had graveyard shift at the hotel this past week *Hence the lack of updates*

But i had the weekend plus Monday off. 3 Days of tido mati.

Which was exactly what i did all saturday. :P

But only up to bout 5pm, after which Mashi dragged me outta bed and we fetched Jaja to go to One Utama. Shopping! weee~

I didnt really buy anything, But its been awhile since i've been in OU. *Asik p midvalley je. Bosan dowh*

After round2 satu OU, mashi sent me and jaja back to my place, and baru ingat nak relax2 skit suddenly Kak sophia smsed ajak kuar with some of the other peeps from work.

So, Me and jaja kene kidnapped.....and They took us to heritage row, a new club called Sunshine.


Lagu RNB techno, ada rempit kiri kanan, the DJ couldnt stop talking over the music.

I'm like, SHUT UP ALREADY. If you wanna talk so much, join a radio station, jeeezzzz.

Stress je.

So stress that me and Jaja faked an excuse and ran over to Maisons.

*Thats the good thing about Heritage row, club merata.... and mostly let girls in for free. Ngee~*

The Music in maison was 99% better than Sunshine. But, for some damn reason it had NO AC!!

Everyone was sweating buckets and the guys smelled like ketiak. It was so HOT!! As in PANAS NAK MAMPUS. Mcm Sauna.

Maybe it's because RNB is suppose to be sweaty (eg: it's gettin hot in ere, lets take off all our clothes') Well whatever the reason, it was hot enuf for us to go back to Sunshine and listen to crappy music again.

After the torture was over, the guys sent me and jaja home. Where we pengsaned till about 3pm when mashi called up ajak p Sg wang..

I SHOPPING! yeay! Spent all in all about 150 bucks.

But it was well spent. ^_^ *Ala, skali skala... ape salahnya*

It was a GREAT DAY OUT with my Two Fave people in the world. :)

I wouldn't want to spent my weekend any other way. ^_^


Alia said...

OMG, I soooo benci giler bila DJ excited giler and start screaming over the music. Like wtf, I can't dance to your screaming! Sengal giler babi.

And waaahhhh shopping sakan yer.. Hehehe. Thank god for Jaja and Mashi though, I'd never be able to teman u pergi Sungei Wang. I hate it there.

Ayeshadam said...

hehe.. tu laaaaaa! Dj tuh mmg hampir nak kene terajang ngn i. huhu.

I bought some topshop sunnies and a forever 21 jacket. NGEEE!! you should see! cute tau! hehehee.

Nomia said...

thank god to me?? waaaaaa i dun like sg wang either...(suke bile ade duit je)...huhuhuh...aye!! never ever go to sunshine dah!! i meant it!!~~

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