Thursday, July 3

I need more Kachingggg!!!

Waaaa! I cant keep living like this....
The living cost in KL is getting damn high.

Had to pay RM270 to cititel due to a mistake i made. (long story) Actually only RM190 is my mistake, another RM80 is not my fault. Tapi malas nak cari gaduh ngn the powers that be. Sigh~

Besides the my MMU Fund which demands about 1K a month. I got a bunch of bills i got to settle. *maxisbroadband, astro, blabla*

Then my PC now is still in a coma *which probably needs to be replaced*, and i got to go to cybercafe's to check my emails. *RM2 an hour*

Waaaaa!! gonna have to makan pasir!!

Summore everythings on SALE now. *cries*

Not just any SALE. MEGA SALE OK!!
it's Damn evil.

I need to start thinking of ways to make some serious dough. *instead of spending it..*

Thinking of doing bisnes nasi lemak tepi jalan la..... but i dunno how to make nasi lemak. -__-


*Sigh* Thats the thing with money, when u have it... you always want more. Padahal dulu, one month boleh survive with 350 bucks. How the hell did that happen??

Most of my friends who have cars are seriously considering the bus route. ^_^ Skrg i kene jadi tour guide... *Hey maybe i should charge for that!*

need to come up with something fast.. before i start selling my furniture. :P


Anonymous said... nk jual furniture..
barang pe? nk beli..u wat catalog ok!
hahaha...da miskin da u.tu la kerek sangat

amg's said...

saper pulak dapat bilik free tu!

amg's said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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