Monday, July 7

Everyheart beat....

Everywhere i go i seem to be hearing a lot of Robyn...... it munching donuts at Big Apple, checking mail at the CC or browsing thru Jaya Jusco.

Kinda brings me back to my tower record days when her album had just come out.
I blasted it on the speakers and nyanyi sorang2. No one cared. Skrg sibuk nak sing along. hehe.

Haha.. Koniciwa Biatches.!

Anywhooo.. I have just come home from work. *technically... from window shopping after work*

Random updates:

- PC is still in a coma. But being treated by Dr Mooky and his friend :)
- Im still poor. Ergh..
For some reason, Singaporeans are the most bratty diva's, with people from Hong Kong come in second.

I'm starting to hate island people. -__-

No offense to org penang. You still rawk my sock(s)!
- Work is still boring. Lots of new people coming in, and even more planning to leave. sigh.
- To both My girls: The search for Abg TieDye's identity is over! I stumbled across his myspace page. *msg me for details!* Yay!
- To Mashi: You still tak send gambar loft harituh. Damn emo cuz you still tak reti pakai yousendit!!
- To Jaja: Hoi! esok bday hang, tak reti nak balik jumpa kami ka?? tsk. jgn la celebrate bday atas bas!
- To Ezani: Pls email me the urbanscapes pics! Gawd.. gila buat harta.
- For some reason, a lot of people i know are getting into relationships with gf/bf org..... dah takde org single sgt ke?? Kene kacau bf/gf org. I really don't understand it. Yg org yg dah ada bf/gf tuh pon satu... gatai nak mamfhoose.

Hmm... thinking of anymore updates.

-Owh! esok ada game bola! Cititel vs. Dynasty hotel. Woot!

Mari kita sokong CMV!! :P

gila ah, iklan free.. haha.


Teddy Picker said...

i'm still single.. cmon! hahha cam org tu xde ngn sape2 je kan :D

Anonymous said...

hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link

Nomia said...

alaa nak balik la ni..saboo!! by the way luckly u ckp org png rawk ur socks!!

Ayeshadam said...

hahaa.. tau takpe..

tp seriously, org pulau mmg cam gelabah skit. y eh? :P

Nomia said...

oit!! sape yg gelabah??
tell me??

Anonymous said...

anyway, pom-pom....cititel kalah eyh?

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