Tuesday, July 1


PC crash lagi!!!!!

T_T huuuuuuuuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I'm so distraught cuz i was really looking forward to posting up pics of last weekends urbanscapes!

T_T huuuuuuuuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Thinking of buying a new pc. CPU je cukup ah. Sapa nak teman i p lowyatt jom! :P


Anywhoo.. Urbanscapes was OFF THE HOOK!!!

Despite it being FREAKISHLY HOT all day!!

It was Beyond awesome, so far the best event of 2008!!

*erk, i realize i'm using too many exclamations in this post. -_-*

But it was really really really a great event. Sad my two besties weren't there to enjoy it with me. Instead went with Aliazani *yes, they're back*. It was bearable. Ezani kept complaining about the sun every 5 mins. And none of them wanted to go to the bazaar to check out all the cool stuff with me. So mostly i went shopping solo, no problems there.

We managed to catch my ex mmu lecturer WooMinJin's movie 'KURUS'. It was really hillarious. *Not sure whether he meant it to be or not.*

But it was nice to hide out the auditoriums aircondition. :D

Although i spent most of the day wondering off alone.. *at one point Aliazani abandoned me to go eat at the mall* I wasn't completely alone, met up with Abe Zaxx and his hot 'ehem' date(?), a legion of mmu kids some who i did not expect to see *cough AbeZulEzli cough*, a bunch of lofters *abeTieDye was there woot!*, some myspace buddies and a few really old friends...... and some rockstars. :P

Ezani later complained that i have too many friends. and that he's jealous of me. ^__^

Ok, he was joking when he said it. But i realised, HEY, i do have lots of friends.

I feel so loved. Ceh. haha.

Anyway, i'll post up pics when the computer is feeling better. :)


Owh, went to see EURO Final with the cititel gang on Sunday night at hartamas.


Dah semangat2 sokong germany ni. Damn. -__-

Midgame i switched to a Spaniard. Could not resist the machoness of Torres. :P

I know, im damn lalang. huhu.


I also want to take this time to send out prayers to my Brandon all the way in Melaka.

Sorry about your lost. And wish i could be there for you.

My thoughts are with you always. :)



Anonymous said...

arghh!! urbanscapes kus...
u pegi pukui bape?

Ayeshadam said...

i pegi kul 2pm-12mlm woot! layan abis. :P

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