Wednesday, June 25

Well, Maybank can kiss my naturally BLACK WHITE ASS!!!

*Sorry , tertiba teringat kat Azlin Mazlan nye famous catch phrase*

My emoness with maybank started roughly about 7 months ago when i had to open a bank account so that cititel can post in my pay.

I went to the bank early as hell * b4 my shift* armed with letter from company and so forth. And the bloody lady told me that i can't open an account cuz my MYCARD chip is not functioning. Apparently, nowdays you need to use the MYCARD chip in order to open the account.

*I know, damn canggih ah konon.*

Conclusion: Adik kena buat IC baru, then baru bleh bukak account.

Wah! mcm buat ic baru tuh senang je kan? Tp sokay la... i went to do my new ic (had to pay bloody 10 bucks for it) anyway... albeit it being a few months later baru buat, since my schedule cam org gila. Took a few months later til i had time to go and pick it up. Summore the new IC picture damn kelakar and ugly as hell. Peh.

Anyways, on monday, I went proudly to the maybank in taman melawati (i had just picked up my ic, and wanted to get it over with.). I showed the lady my IC and suddenly she asked me for a drivers license. I told her i didn't have one. Ada bawak buku bank lain? Erm, why would i be bringing my bank book around? Then she asked me for a student card *which amazingly, was not in my wallet*. I said tak bawak.... but i told her i have my cititel ID card. She said ok. Then, asked me for my birth certificate. (???)

What is on my birthcert that, u cant get from my IC???

Conclusion: Sorry dik, kene bawak birthcert baru ley wat.

Then this morning, after my shift (working graveyard this week) i went to maybank in midvalley. Waited for the bloody thing to open at 9.15am. And went to the lady, arm with my ic, birthcert, student card and id. Then she asked me for my employment letter.... *which i misplaced since i was given it like 7months AGO!

Conclusion: Kene bawak employment letter, baru bleh wat.

THEN after lunch about 2pm.... i went to the Maybank in taman desa, armed with A WHOLE FUCKING FILE! Ada birthcert, employment letter, student card, id card, mycard, atm card, sumer la kira...... And the bloody lady, ' ok, ada bawak bill letrik rumah tak?'

WHAT THE........................???

Conclusion: Kena bawak bil letrik, supaya ada bukti that u live in this area.


Kenapa tak ckp senarai terus everything you have to bring???? Kot2 lepas ni nak surat kebenaran ibubapa ke hapa, bloody menyusahkan org. Dah la reception kerek nak mampus. AND SUMMORE! Maybank is such a crappy bank, i mean, THEY CHARGE for EVERY Transaction!!!!


If only i can continue to collect checks till the end of my employment days. But unfortunately, most companies *as i understand* use maybank for payroll *which i dont understand*. So im gonna have to open an account sooner, but at this'll probably be LATER!

Tensi betul. GAH!!

*Fuck u Maybank2U. U suck!*


Anonymous said...

awk.. saya bukak akaun maybank kat permaisuri cheras senang je. pakai ic je sume dah settle. lom kire bukak akaun company lagi. tak sampai seminggu dah boleh bukak akaun. senang takde masalah pon. saya rasa awak nie mmg nasib malang kot kat maybank tu ehehehe..


Ayeshadam said...

itu ah pasal... sumorang cam senang je.

masalahnya i pi sampai 3 branch. Sumer cam haram.

Rasa maybank tak sker i. :(

Alia said...

hahaha.. adoilah.. blardy stupid.
banks just hate our guts i guess. sejak azali memang banks hate us. it's in our genes.

good luck with that bank sistah!

e²¹ said...

banyak masalah bank, tapi apply sampai 3 different banks... apalah alia ni. :P

weh aye, i think they wanna see every single document, everything between your birth cert til your death cert.

Loi said...

OMG kesiannya. I suggest include skali your sijil-sijil masa sekolah dulu -_-

Rashid said...

I never had such problems when I opened my Maybank account, or any other account for that matter. However, my previous job demanded that I open an EON bank account, which is worse coz they only have like 5 branches in the entire damned universe, 7 if you count parallel universes :)

P.S: Thanks for reminding me about Azlin. Now I can go to bed and cry myself to sleep and then have 17 different kinds of freakass nightmares about being rejected, just like the old days :(

okishimashuji said...

elehh..u yg kerek aye

kakak tu pun naik menyampah tengok muka u...hahaha

Anonymous said...

ahahah funny!

Pourpres~ said...

wow. ini adalah beyond merepek. macam pergi JPJ je, which is okay lagi since depa tu gomen. hahaha

Didi said...

uhhh ur white ample ass

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