Wednesday, July 9


Nomia Fariza @ Jaja @ Jajito (to me)

Yup, you are getting older... but lifes only beginning. :)

My only hope that we stay friends for as long as humanly possible... (kata forever cam cliche plak) You've help me thru a lot, and guided me like the big sister you are.

I know its hard work to be/stay bestfriends.. but somehow we've made it thru 5 years and counting!! *which is BY FAR my longest lasting relationship EVER!*

Thanks Jaja, for being my bestfriend.

Jika bukan keranamu saya takkan se-awesome skrg. Haha. ^_^ (poyo jap bleh?)

Sayang Kamu!!


Nomia said...

hahaha tenkiu!! agak terharu gak la :-p mwahs syg u gak !!~~

S,a,D, said...

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