Saturday, April 5

Meet the new 'family'...

To prove that i haven't completely abandoned my creative dreams....

I got some new creative gear. :D Stuff that i always wanted/needed to do my work.

A new printer (+scanner/copier) since my old canon is rosak already, and a new TABLET. (People who know me know that i've wanted one of these for AGES!!!!!!)

Meet my Epson 5500

My new Amor' ^_^

I know 'Genius' isn't probably as good as a Wacom... but im no picasso. I just need it to practise first... im kind of rusty since its been ages since i've played around with a tablet.

*Remembering my 'Caveman' days.. huhuh*

ps: Caveman was the company i interned for back in the day. I, am not a caveman. huhu


Anonymous said...

Didi said...

hehe funny~

Anonymous said...

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Ayeshadam said...

haha... btw people, adam brown is not related to adam black. :P

Didi said...

Macam spam adam berown tu!
ey woman!
update ur blog!

tak pown u bwat blog pasal S.a.D.
promote i la baby!


Ayeshadam said...

SAD best ke?? :P mai la lagu.

perform pon tak ajak. ada hati.

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