Friday, April 4

Happy 21st Birthday to Kim Cheah!

Went to hartamas on april fools day with the cititel peeps to celebrate my friend/workmate Kim's Birthday.

Everything was fine till people started telling ghost stories. -__-

Being the wimp that i am, i just tuned them out and started smsing people. :P Finally after most of the girls were too freaked out to drive alone... we convoyed home since practically everyone lives on old klang road anyway. :P

Last night was girls night out! Me, Kim, Radin and Sophia went down to Zouk to celebrate Kim's Birthday Part 2, to declare her independance and the fact that she can masuk zouk secara sah. Typically kim, she left her IC in the car and we had to double back -__-

But, Yayyy!!!

It was Fun FUN fun FUN FUN!!!

Sadly jaja couldn't make it due to the lack of transport in her area. :( DANG IT!

But was fun tho... cuz My pakcik Iqmar was there ^_^.

Haven't been to Ghetto Heaven in AGES (read: 7 months)!! but still managed to find a few familiar faces to greeted me like no time had past. ^_^

Saw Gjan there... ngn boyfriend baru. ^_^ (Ps: New one is a lot hotter than the last guy *way to go Gjan!*)

Owh, I HAVE PICS! Doubley Yay!

Courtesy of ms Radin.

Happy Birthday Kim Cheah.
(L-R: Sophia, Kak Intan, Kim Cheah, Radin... and Dunnowho)

My Temporary roomate and Bud, Radin

Cake nak tumpang Glamour gak.

Kim and the boys, Redzuan and Fazir

Gadis-gadis cititel, *Saya suka yg buat peace tuh. Haha*


Typical mugshot.


Anonymous said...

i saw u there and u looked gojes :D

Ayeshadam said...

wah ^_^

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