Friday, April 11

Rantai hits IPOH.

I thought i'd give a hand to the rantai peeps by posting some free publisity for them.

Ya know, give show of support for fellow designers (something like that)...

Unfortunately, I, have never yet gone to rantai event..

Tho i REALLY REALLY want to go... but i've never got the chance (No time, or people to go with)

Next time.... I'll try n make time to check it out. I heard its really interesting :)

Owh, Since im promoting... The Times is performing at the MPCA hall this 12th April.. One buck short (yay, MOOKY!!) and Lydias Diery will be there too. :D

Hope to see you guys there!!

1 comment:

Didi said...

mana S.a.D. punya promoting?...
tara nampak pown?

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