Tuesday, April 1

The Insomniac?

That's me!!

My biological clock isn't working anymore. I think its due to me working nights for the last week.

Esok keje kul 3pm. Now its 4 am so i'll probably get to sleep till 1pm... Im really tired now but i cant seem to close my eyes. Urgh... sangat menyakitkan hati.

So many things on my mind right now like how mean people are.

You try to go thru life and not step on anyones toes.... but somehow, people like to stomp on yours.

I mean, what have i ever done to you people for you to say bad things about me behind my back. I'm usually immune to badpress with all the unintentional attention from myspace and such. But some people are really, really, really mean...

Funny how people don't like to comment on the happy post but only the negative ones. Proves to show that people only like you when your faced down.

Well, im no damsel in distress.

However should i fall, i usually get back up on my own. Lifes rough sometimes... but i've been there done that.

And i know me responding to those comments only makes you people happier, i dont blog for the comments, in fact i dont blog for anyone but myself.

So there.

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