Saturday, March 29

Cerita Hantu..


My back has been in a lot of pain recently, probably from standing 8 hours a day at the counter.

Or probably due to the fact that i slouch a lot... and i have really bad posture. :P

Upon making this complaint last night, as i was doing some light stretching.. my duty manager Ronnie commented that he has been having backaches too..

Aha! so it is probably work related.

And then,

Ronnie: Owh ya, you dah tgk citer the shutter tak?
Me: Dah.. tp yg thai version la... asal?
Ronnie: Kan org tuh pon slalu sakit belakang.
Me: *Tries to remember the storyline.* Ye ke?
Ronnie: Ya, tgk2 ada hantu duduk atas dia.
Me: WTF! ARGH!!!! *finally remembered*

Then suddenly, the operator and the bellmen all joined in and told ghost stories all night... after which (around 3.30am) they all left me in the lobby as they went to do their work on the floor.

Jahat Gila. Dah la keje malam ni...... duduk sorang2 kat lobby. Now i got the notion that something is watching me. DAMMIT.

From then on, i've also been damn paranoid about my back. Mcm nak buat aerobics je kasi stretch segala menda yg boleh stretch... Huhu.

*This post is just a over dramatic version of what is happening. I dont really believe in ghost, even if i do, i believe in god more. :)*

I really want to see the Hollywood version of Shutter. Sape nak ikut? :D


abahnye said...

Matilar ader sumthing kat yur blakangg. Neway, boleh tolong tukar the URL of my site tak? Its plak kaedahnye. Thanx!

Ayeshadam said...

haha dah .com eh skrg :P

e²¹ said...

ok, i dont know why no one commented on this, so i'm just gonna say it. why is there a "superhero movie" poster in this entry? You were talking about shutter, so i'd assume there's supposed to be a shutter poster here. what the hey? maybe i'll try rechecking at another pc to see if it loads a different picture...

Anonymous said...

kau ni slalu pk negatif komen time ko down sbb nk bg nasihat

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