Thursday, March 27

Trouble Seeker.


I hate my life.

I just got a lot of slack from my family for not being able to graduate this year.


Ye, aku saja tanak grad tahun ni.... sbb aku pemalas. SCREW THAT!

I worked my ass off during delta... spent hundreds on print work. But still somehow the project didnt really go as planed but i did work hard on it.

Masa aku crit dorang borak. Tak nak plak comment that the whole project sucked. Ni bila dah keluar result baru nak ckp the idea wasn't so great. DUH!

And bloody MMU bukan nak membantu, keja nak barr finance. Skit skit barr, skit skit barr.

Kasi ah chance. Bukan nak lari kemana pon. Bodoh gila.

Now im working my BLOODY ASS OFF at the hotel.. Hari hari kene maki ngn org, for what? So i can go shopping spree with my thousands? Tak jugak.

Bayar MMU EVERY MONTH RM1000, UNTIL JUN 2008 baru dpt cover the outstanding ammount... then tolong mama bayar bill rumah, AND beli grossaries, and then kumpul duit nak RETAKE fyp, duit lagi. I amik initiative cari sendiri, ADA KE AKU MINTAK SESAPA?????!!! Takde kan!

INITIATIVE!! CARI KEJE SENDIRI! SUSAH TAKPE ASAL GAJI ADA!!! Not in design, TAKPE! asal ada duit masuk, so boleh bayar fees MMU tuh.

To say im not taking my life seriously, IS A JOKE!


It's not like i don't want to amik FYP this sem, but in order to take FYP kene quit my job. Kalau quit, How the hell nak raise the 1000 a month to pay finance. Dah lah kene barr lagi.

Then kalau unbarr for register pon. Dah penat2 buat fyp... nanti DIA BARR lagi. Sbb tak bayar lagi.. Exam takley amik, Result FAIL JUGAK. Ingat suka2 ke jadi mcm ni... bloody hell la.

Ptptn dpt pon tak full, dpt 33K for a 40+K course. Sapa nak top up extra tu? It's gonna magically fall from the sky eh?? Nak kata i spent the ptptn money shopping spree. Tak pon. Tolong mama bayar sewa rumah atas dasar EMERGENCY. Adalah.


I work hard. But im not a bloody robot, mmg la tak nampak the 'FRUITS' of my labour. Just cuz i dont have a degree doesn't mean im wasting my time. It's serious work, and it IS a career. Some people go thru college and degrees to get my job. Budak UITM sumer beratur nak keje ngn CHM, OK!

I just wish some people would have a little faith in me. Bukannya buat jahat pon. Everything is undercontrol. My education is extremely important to me, and i'm even more desperate to finish my degree more than anyone would know. I'd love to work in design like all my other friends. I really would, but it's just taking a little bit longer than originally planned.


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