Tuesday, February 5

Stop the MADNESS!!!!

Ok seriously, This has gone too freakin far.

First of all, he kinda made this whole thing public by mass msging his death.

Secondly, Asal ramai sgt org bodoh comment kat blog ni? dah tak tau cerita nak judge people and kecoh sedunia.

Thirdly, im not taking sides, but its kind of obvious which side im on as a default setting.

What im really saying is *can't believe im doing this*


which doesn't mean i think he's an awesome person.

But he did have a few points.

They should settle their own issues. And I'm sorry for making fun of him.

My friend has been thru enuff, and spreading FALSE rumors about her isn't gonna help her. I suppose I'm a little too over protective. *with good reason*

She needs to put this behind her... I just hope he can respect her enuff to put this whole thing behind her by leaving her the hell alone.

Everyone needs to learn a little respect. If we all respect each other *and ourselves* a bit more... This mess wouldn't have happend in the first place.

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