Wednesday, February 6


Wow, i feel so hurt and ashamed of all the harsh words people have been throwing my way lately.

Hmm.. Not really.

As i've said before, hate me all you want. My lifes not affected by what brainless spammers want to say about me. I know what goes on in my life. In my friends lives. No speculations of you think happend is going to affect me in any way.

Hate la... Aku sikit pon tak terganggu.

Ps: This blog wasn't created for flaming people pon. This is my personal blog. If it's a lame blog.... suka hati aku la. Tak penah mintak pon korang BOOKMARK blog ni so u guys can come check for updates every 5 minutes.

Pss: BUT THANKS for visiting anyway... The stats this few days have gone up really high. Does wonders for my Nuffnang. So kira korang dpt luahkan perasan, i dpt luahkan perasan... + i get money from advertising. Woohoo!

Happy Hating. :)

1 comment:

kacang sakti bentuk 36' 27' 32' said...

no one is hating a matter a fact, everyone loves you for making us bond together by hatred,love and just pure hypocrisy...

we do not care if u are hurt or not coz it is pure entertaiment to us thousands out there compared to a miserable few who actually cares.

Majority wins and democracy wisely upheld. Another big score for the common people who just follow up.

If you can't beat them, join them and start cursing at people who disfigured your friend's face. By default u know u are on who's side and yet u got no strong stand.

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