Wednesday, January 30

Tragic yet Funny.

But all around PATHETIC and a complete waste of human space.


If you had the power to plan your own death. How would you do it??

-Slash your wrist with a razorblades.

-Jump off a building Peter Petrelli style.

-Hang your self from in your bedroom.

-Drink a bottle of Clorox, Then forward msgs thru out the whole entire world of your death, Only to be resurrected 2 days later, Still the same pathetic loser you were before you died.

I really don't get it.

For me personally, i would be kind of embarrassed to be seen walking around after i so bravely proclaimed to people how i tragically died a horrible 'unthinkable' death.

Come on, lifes short. LIVE! Be merry! most importantly.... let live.

Don't kill yourself (Fake or Not) over lifes little issues. Forgive, forget.... be happy that people are happy.

What i really mean to say is... don't die *. I really enjoy watching you create spellbinding telenovela's complete with plots, fake brothers, and funerals.

It takes the stress off my busy days at work to know imagination runs wild in this world.

Glad your alive and well.

Ayesha. :)

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