Friday, February 8

Gong Xi Fatt Choyy!!!!

To all my chinese friends :)

Really really QUICK updates.

- Alia's leaving for Aussie in 3 days. *sobs*
- Uncle mamat went to Berlin yesterday.... *Bring me back something nice!!!!*
- MMU has started, and classes are on going.... and i still have a job! Woots. I'm giving up one or the other. Seems impossible to do both. Hmm.. Would i rather work for Mr Thevan, or Ms Mastura. Hurmmmm......

-__- Die.

- Owh!!! Went to see Sweeney Todd with Mama, Alia and Ezani the other day.


A bit gory with all the murders, but who can hate Johnny depp?? Funnily enough, i had no idea that it was a musical when i first bought the tix. Mama was saying that its gonna be a real slow, and terrible movie. *Think From Hell, Sleepy Hollow*

But it rocked! As soon as the first dude started singing i was all chipper! Lucky Cuddles tak ikut, kalau tak sure dia mengamuk. Tgk Highschool Musical nye opening credits pon dah cam nak muntah. Hehe. :P

Two thumbs up to Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and the Death Eaters of Harry Potter for their OUTSTANDING performances.

Who knew Severus Snape could SING!!

- I have opened a new myspace account.

Friends are welcomed to add.

- Gonna be on grave yard shift at the hotel for the next few days. Therefore, note to all friends.


For i will be dead asleep. :D Try again around 2PM.

Alamak, nana dah sampai... Mau gi mamaking. Yeay!

Peace Out!

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