Monday, November 26

Somebody please HIT the HITMAN.

Timothy Olyphant should never again play a bald killer.



Bald. And Not Hot

All i could think during the movie was 'Make it stop!!! MAKE IT STOP!!'

You've seen one bald headed assasin with a flare for half naked hookers with tattoo's, you've seen them all.

Think Triple X (XXX). Think Vin Diesel. Think Bald Bad Ass .

Now, This is how you rock not having hair!

Think Timothy Olyphant??

Think Again.

Owh and did anyone else feel like the starting of the movie reminds u of 'DARK ANGEL' with Jessica Alba's character Max replaced with a pale bald boy???

I mean THEY HAD BARCODES TOO!! Maybe they were from the same training facility?

hurm....... *ponders*


Anonymous said...

1st of all, u tau tak cite nih amik dari game hitman : code 47 ? and game dier kuar dulu dari dark angel? so its the other way around.

Rashid said...

Is it that bad? I'm a fan of the games, although I haven't watched the movie yet.

Nevertheless, I agree that Timothy is too soft to play a bad ass assassin.

Ayeshadam said...

aye: Still, was kind of an obvious rip off..

rashid: Maybe im bias cuz i was forced to watch it against my will. :P

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