Monday, December 3

Life and it's LOUD.

Haven't had much time to blog these days.... let alone sleep, eat, or breathe!

Been busy with work... work.... and trying to figure out a topic for fyp. (I'm waaayy behind on this. Owh Despair!)

When im not working, im sleeping. On my off days i go to mmu to figure out how behind i actually am on my work..

Lucky im running low on my friend list. Cuz i wouldn't have time for them neway... (vice versa i suppose)

Neway, it's been a STRESSFUL week. I got my pay check.... only to see it evaporate into thin air. (and NO, i didn't go shopping. Yet.)

Now im penniless again. Sigh.

Kalau jadi GRO gaji banyak tak??? (Haha. I'm KIDDING! Gawd!)

Luckily seeing to how stresssssssed out i was.. my darling friends took me out on friday night. (3 guesses where? :D)

Loft la! ngeee... my place of hyper happiness. Cute guys, great crowd, skinny jeans, awesome music... what else could u ask for?

Let the Name dropping begin...

I was reunited with my darling Alang, whom i haven't seen in AGES! and also Karman and Syam ( both whom have also been missing in ages!)

MrDrummer boy, Andy was also there... apparently trying to cater 3 locations at once. hehe. :P

And the obvious lofters Aidil, Hakim, Si Monyet, Eday and the gang.

Twas fun as usual. :) After loft went home.... bathed, and went straight to work at 6am (shift starts at 7.30)

Damn Champion kan??


Weirdly i wasn't tired at work... could be that i was jacked up on coffee tho. :D :D

Then later i got call from THE AMAZINGLY AWESOME Mooky (which shall from now on, be his name.).

What about??

Well, He had 4 free tix to Live and Loud KL to see Whitney Houston.

and he asked me if i wanted them....

So me being a polite person replied..... YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! PLEASE NAK NAK NAK!!! *golek golek gembira*

So i scrambled to find 4 people to with me. It was short notice.... so most of them couldn't make it. So in the end Me, Cuddles (who claimed the ticket by the default reason of being my boyfriend/driver Ngee!), Adamthematsalleh, and Nabil.

Nway got there late, around 5pm... the show started at 3. So i was kind of worried we would miss the main act. Then i found out it's on till late nite. *relief*

I saw

- indonesian band project pop. (Dangdut is the music of my country Yo! *Yes, Jaja... i danced along... WITH STEPS!)

- american idol 2nd runner up Elliot Yamin. (most of u people do not know who he is.... nvm)

- Malaysian Artist Medley. I got lots of comments about this.... but i dont really feel like bashing my own Country Artist.

I do have to say.... How come NIKKI (Malaysian Idol) got show her boobs and wear that lingerie looking dress! And yet Beyonce/Gwen kene tutup everything. Decency Act me ass.


saman saman saman saman *chants*

ps: I still want to marry Anuar Zain.... :D

- Shaggy

was FREAKING AWESOME!!! For me, He was main event! 'It wasn't me' was off the charts!

- Whitney (Diva nak Mampus) Houston.

Took 45 farking minutes to come out. People were ready to sleep in the padang. Including me.

Finally showed her bloody face at 12.30am. Then sung some shitty song for her opening number. At which point most people turned around and headed home.

At least i waited for the second song b4 deciding i would rather listen to pirated Mp3's at home and left.

I think most people just wanted to see what post-crack whitney would look like.

Verdict: She looked good, sounded OK. Maybe i just was too tired and not in the mood.

Neway Thx to THE AMAZINGLY AWESOME Mooky for the Tickets.


Oooo! Look at the time. Gtg Sleepy Sleepy. :D Or else tomorrow i won't Wakey Wakey.


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