Sunday, November 18

OMG! It's like... an UPDATE!


I finally have the mood and time to blog.

Even more Amazing, is that I just realised that today is saturday. I think thats the worst thing about my job, i never know what day is it anymore.

My days consist of Work > Sleep> Work.. Rinse and Repeat *and a lot of eating in between*

Im never online. Even if i am I'm not really 'Online', I'm probably catching up on a series that i missed (heroes, robot chicken, etc...)

I've been missing my friends. But i've given up trying to spend time with them.. due to many many many failed attempts.

Gladly im not totally without a social life. :P

I did go to Laundry, The Curve last wednesday with Brandon and Dez (who force fed me salad... i foresee Dez being a great mom. Teehee!). Neway, the reason we were there was that Cuddles's new band S.A.D (i know, sounds emo right? :P But actually stands for Systematically Avoided Disaster.) was in the semi-finals of SUTASI. (Sutasi is a asian talent search. More info check out the site @

Was so proud of my cuddles, i think they did pretty good. Taking into consideration that the band formed a mere 2 weeks ago. :)

Later met up with Muuzi for more makan at Idaman cuz he had a lot of work to be done and couldnt get to laundry in time. Was nice to be out and about once in awhile. :)

I wanna go lofting next week. Cuz ALIA'S GONNA BE HOME!!!!!!!!


So bored of not having any gals around to bitch with... now i have a permanent galpal! One who will always pick 'me' over her boyfriend. NGEEE! *no offence ezani.. we still love u. :P*

Expect a boost in social life and loads of pics to boot!


idanadirah said...

seriously, its called working life. you become socially deprived and drop everything you used to do to fill in the free times... i think its also a phase of growing up :-P.. hahaha! nak jugak!

idanadirah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CresceNet said...

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Alia said...

Woohoo! I can't wait either!! :D :D

Ayeshadam said...

Ida: Yeah! I guess ur right.. :P Nak jugak ape? Ey Lofting jom! Hahah :P

Crescenet: Thank You for Spamming my Blog. I love you too.

Alia: Woot!!

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